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How it works

How it works

🏃Run at any time on a treadmill, outside, by yourself, or with friends.

⌚️ Submit your time between March 12th and March 15th to be eligible for awards and prizes!

📱 If you have a GPS watch or a smartphone tracking app, use that to track your run or walk and send us a link to your activity when you submit your results. If you don't have one of those, don't worry -- your time will still count.

Most Recent Finishers

Runner Location Finish Time Activity
1 Julianna C.K. Griffin WA 1:16:06 5K
2 Junius Ho Greenville, WI 47:15 5K
3 Elliot Rushton Vancouver, BC 32:24 5K
4 Jillian Walker Vancouver, BC 32:24 5K
5 Cassandra Riggs Montage , MI 54:12 5K
6 Alexandria Saulnier TX 43:59 5K
7 Joleen Peterson Henderson, NV 48:32 5K
8 Mary R Reston, VA 44:30 5K
9 Kirsten Berg Lancaster, NY 56:54 5K
10 Jenni Livingstone sedona, AZ 1:49:00 5K

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Fastest Times - 5K Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Kristina Meyer Red Deer, AB 21:17
2 Robyn Wilson Mercer Island, WA 22:40
3 Adrianna Guerra Casa Grande, AZ 23:42

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Fastest Times - 5K Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Jim Clemens Madison, AL 19:29
2 Craig Halverson Council Bluffs, IA 20:42
3 Ethan Gradwohl Laurel, MT 22:03

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Fastest Times - 10K Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Kate McLachlin ON 58:30
2 Jennifer Soler Columbia, MD 1:00:00
3 Elyssa Monaghan Greenwood, IN 1:01:12

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Fastest Times - 10K Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Len Leonidas Castleton, NY 43:56
2 Nathaniel Robinson Denver, CO 45:00
3 Bing Shen Edison, NJ 50:14

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You can report your results at any time from March 12th through March 15th.

Prizes & Awards!

We have a lengthy list of Pi Day 5K-themed award categories, so chances are good that you have a shot at winning one of them. Check out the list of categories.

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A portion of proceeds from the Pi Day 5K will be donated to IGNITE™ (Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution). Learn more about IGNITE Worldwide »


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